Accelerated path to China’s Healthcare system

The need for special registration (NMPA) in China for foreign medical device and pharmaceutical is one of the main factors inhibiting international companies from entering the Chinese market.

The Chinese government recently implemented regulatory changes, allowing to provide medical treatment based on FDA/CE approvals, in a designated medical zone in Hainan. These new policies enable fast introduction of innovative treatments to Chinese patients, first in Hainan and later leveraged to all of China. 

Israeli Life-Science companies can leverage the new policies for the establishment of a commercial site in China and expedite the China NMPA registration process based on the Real-World Data path reducing both time and cost.

CimiComp was appointed by Hainan Boao Lecheng Medical Tourism Zone to manage the cooperation with Israeli medical technologies and commercialization in Hainan.

Israeli medical device and pharmaceuticals companies that match the criteria, can receive the support by CimiComp and its partners (AMTTC) to reduce China NMPA registration cost and time

 Product registration in Hainan

 Approval of China Real World Data regulatory path

 Submission and approval by China NMPA

 Locating distributors and sales channels

All through the cooperation with Israeli and Chinese experienced and reliable partners